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Our Vision

Provide special services for our customers , Consultancy to improve and develop customer business ,Considering customer opinions and suggestions , Keep customer updated with new technologies , Serve customers with the best level of quality , Qualified staff and continuous training and improvement and After sales excellent customer service.

Our Services

Itqan provides very comprehensive Professional services to meet all the requirements of our customers professionally to ensure the quality of service offered and we covers software development, consultation, software Quality Services, project management, IT Specialied training and IT outsourcing.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Portals Solutions, Enterprise Content Management, Middleware and integration solutions , Archiving and High Volume Scanning conversion, Digital forensics Solutions and IT Secuirty.

Our Products

Malafaty Clouding www.malafaty.com , iTalabaty www.italabaty.com

Itqan Systems Lines Of Business

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  • Professional services
  • Enterprise Portals Solutions
  • Semantic intelligence solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Archiving and backlog conversion
  • Digital forensics Systems
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT professionals outsourcing
  • IT Training Services
  • IT Security Solutions

Malafaty CMS

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Itqan Systems provide apersonal and enterprise clouding services through Malafaty CMS

You can visit www.malafaty.com website for more information about malafaty CMS


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Itqan Systems provide iTalabaty smart menu solution for resturants ,Coffess, hotels , resorts and Apartments

The package includes iTalabaty Server, iTalabaty Agent Module, iTalabaty Administartion Module

You can visit www.italabaty.com website for more information